It’s like wearing a very pretty hug” Agatha Frisky-August 2022

Comments like these fill my cup, I tell ya.

I’ve made it my life’s mission to make people feel good via the medium of clothing & costume that fits them like a glove- not the other way round. #allbodieswelcome

F*** the Patriarchy, F*** oppressive sizing and beauty standards and let’s do us.

About Me:

I’m 5’11 (this happened seemingly overnight aged 12) and my bum has ever since had its own postcode- happily so- but mainstream fashion didn’t seem to think that bodies like mine existed. I soon started making my own clothes and it sparked a lifelong obsession with fit.

At 18 I became a tailor’s apprentice and around this time I discovered two things: corsetry (holy crap!)… and this magical profession called pattern cutting. I was officially in love.

For the past 22 years (yikes) I’ve worked and trained in all manner of garment-related disciplines- corsetry, tailoring, bridal, couture garment making, pattern cutting…the list goes on; with the glue holding it all together being fit.

*Fun fact* I was a travelling garment fitter in London’s West End for 4 years- which involved me going to designer stores like Louis Vuitton, Armani & Ted Baker to pin people in their suits, ready to be altered. I also worked at Harrods as a ‘VIP’ fitter.

In 2008 I tried my hand at Burlesque performance; realised it was actually the costume I was interested in (Surprise! Lol) and so began my journey as a cabaret costumier.

Since then I have made costume for some seriously talented humans and (thanks to Covid) have developed the ability to work on a totally remote basis. Huzzah!

In short, you’re in safe hands. I live for making high quality, comfortable costume & corsetry that fits like a second skin and performs with you.

Sharing’s caring, so I started teaching my skills in 2014 and since 2020 I’ve had a sister business- Fina Makes- which is where I teach you how to do what I do, mostly in an online kinda format. You can sign up to hear more about that side of things here